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Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry

Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry is the leading national institution to train medical specialists in the field of Dentistry. The University is ranked among top medical schools in the country. It was established more than 80 years ago as Moscow Medical Institute of Dentistry. The school is also known as The Third Moscow Medical Institute. In August 1999 it was granted by a status of a university and since this time is named Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry.


Now the University is educational establishment offering different undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate medical programmes. It serves as head organization in most national scientific and educational projects in the field of Dentistry. The University includes 5 faculties (Dentistry, General Medicine, Further training of dentists, Postgraduate education, Nursery), several clinics, hospitals and research institutes (including the Center of Clinical Diagnostics, Center of Cosmetic Surgery, Center of Rehabilitation, Children Center of Implantology, Clinical Center for High Technologies and some others), libraries, museums, and many other facilities. There are 82 scientific and clinical departments. The University's stuff includes more than 200 full professors and about 360 associate of professors. They deliver lectures to more than 5000 students from all over the world. Prospective interns of the University may choose their specialty among 39 items.

The teaching of international students started here in 1955. During these years about 500 students from over 35 countries received MD degree from the University. A special office of Dean on International students affairs is responsible for consideration of all problems concerning your study and life at the University. International students of the University are provided by all textbooks and guides required for free. In questions of accommodation they may select among some University hostels, which are according to service offered, type of rooms, and fees.

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