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Moscow State Pedagogical University

Moscow State Pedagogical University

The programs offered

Specialist (Sp) - 5 years
BS, BA - 4 years
MS, MA - 2 years
PhD course - 3 years
(distant course - 4 years)

*Student must pay contract fee 800 US $ First Year only .

These days the University celebrates its 130th anniversary. They are confident that 130 years of experience have prepared them to accomplish University's goals and to maintain the reputation of the University as one of the leading centers for teacher training in Russia. Nowadays the University comprises nineteen faculties granting degrees in major subjects (humanities, sciences, and education). It includes 101 departments, 12000 students. The University employs 225 professors, 607 assistant professors, 347 doctors of Science, 17 members of Russian Academy of Education and Russian Academy of Science. The University offers a wide range of opportunities to students at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels in respect of both their specific interests and their overall training. The quality of training is based on newest scientific theories. The flexible programmes of training provide the students with a wide range of professional opportunities. The University actively elaborates and publishes the progressive textbooks and teaching materials, which are freely available to, assists all the students with their work. It participates in the leading Russian and international scientific programmes and projects in the field of education. In 1995 The Federal Testing Center was established here to award grades for school-leaving examinations. Most universities admit these grades as entry exams. In addition, the University is a leading organization in the Russian Federation Council for Pedagogical Education.

In recent years, a number of the faculties of the University have redesigned heir curricula with an emphasis on a more flexible and effective training system. The University welcomes those who strive for profound knowledge, which would enable them to realize their ambitions. "I am sure your hopes will come true and you will never forget the years spent within the walls of our University", - Victor Matrossov, PhD, Professor, Rector of the University said. The University has a long and honoured tradition in the field of education and training of qualified specialists. It is fully in line with the up-to-date scientific level. All the students have an opportunity of the external training. The University's Diploma (BS, BA, specialist, MS, MA, PhD) is recognized worldwide.

Moscow State Pedagogical University is ranked 1st among the teacher training institutions of Russia. The University's history dates back to 1872 when Guerie's higher women's education courses were established. In 1918 the courses were reorganized into the 2nd Moscow State University for training teachers, medical specialists and chemists

Gold india education services

The fees are announced in local currency (Russian Rouble) and calculated into Euro in spring. Therefore the real payment may differ a bit from fees mentioned above (depends on Rouble/USD ratio of exchange at the time of payment). The costs of the Life & Health insurance (USD 170 per year) are to be paid separately.