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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Qu. 1 Who is eligible to  study mbbs in medical colleges Abroad?

Ans.: Indian citizen who has attained the age of 17 yrs. And has passed 10+2 level from any recognized council/board of india or abroad. He /she must have studied physics, chemistry and biology as elective subjects and obtai9ned minimum 50% in aggregate of pcb combined. Also must have studied and passed english as a compulsory subject.

Qu. 2 How do i get an eligibility from mci.?

Ans.: If one satisfies the above requirement then he/she can apply in prescribed format to mci. Mci on due appraisal at their end shall issue the necessary eligibity certificate. We shall assist in this.

Qu. 3 Can i practise in india on my return.?

Ans.: Yes, you can practise in india. In order to practice as a medical practitioner you have to register yourself with the state of indian medical council. For this you have to appear for a screeinng test. On clearing the screening test you are eligible for registration as a doctor and allowed to practice at par with all other doctor.

Qu. 4 Can i get a job in government hospitals of allied medical institution in india.?

Ans.: Yes, after clearing the screening test and getting your registration with the state or central council you are eligible jobs all government jobs and hospitals.

Qu. 5 What happens if i fail to clear the screening test of mci?

Ans.: Normally a student who passes mbbs from an english medium who recognized university is expected to clear this test in first attempt. One can also take coaching towards preparation for the same, so it is not likely to be a deterrent factor. Screening test is conducted by national board of examination new delhi every 6 months . One can appear in the s creening test any number of times.

Qu. 6 Do any indian professors teach there.?

Ans.: Yes a lot of foreign professors teach there. Many of them are from india, usa, and nepal.

Qu. 7 Do i have to eat only chinese food always.?

Ans.: The food there is very similar to ours. Rice is the staple food. All popular vegetables like potato, brinjal, cauliflower, cabbabe , beans,carrots, cucumber etc. Are available . Similarly egg, fish, chicken, mutton are also abundant. Indian style roti are available, loaf, bread, cookies, pastries, ice creams, canned juices are available in plenty in all the college canteens oand dinning halls.

Qu. 8 How many times can i come to my home land in a year.?

Ans.: There are 2 vacations. Winter and summer. The winter vacation is arounnd the last week of january and summer vacations are in july and august and you can easily come to your home during this  period. That is also the end of term. However the travel by air takes totally about 4-6 hrs. From any where in india with some time during flight change over.

Qu. 9 Can i get bank loan and to what extent?

Ans.: As per rbi regulation an indian student pursuing education abroad can obtain bank loan up to 15 lacs. Inr since the cost of the entire program is much less, the entire amount can be funded from bank loan.

Qu. 10 What is the course duration.?

Ans.: 5 years of study and 1 year internship. Total 6 yrs.

Qu. 11 How is the weather and climate.?

Ans.: The climate is very similar to india. Tropical climate with regional variation.

Qu. 12 Is the course approved by mci?

Ans.: MCI can’t approve any foreign degree. But they conduct screening test and allow successufl candidate to register with them and practice in india.

Qu. 13 It this university enlisted in who?

Ans.: Yes, this university is enlisted in who and recognized by government of Abroad.

Qu. 14 What is the medium of study.?

Ans.: The medium of instruction shall be english. However chinese language class in included free of cost in educational curriculum. This is to make a student stay comfortable by enabling him to communicate with the locals, the students and the patients.

Qu. 15 How many foreign student are studying there and how many are from india.?

Ans.: More than 600 foreign students are studying in the university and a lot of 400 students studying mbbs are from india and nepal.

Qu. 16 Can i do ms/md, i mean post graduation there.?

Ans.: yes, on successful completion of mbbs you can pursue pg courrse there.

Qu. 17 What will be the procedure of admission for mbbs course Abroad.?

Ans.: First you have to obtain eligibility from mci. Then you may apply for admission. After registration and application process is duly completed your visa application will be processed by the college. You will get the admission conformation letter and the joining letter within 10 days after applying for admission.

Qu. 18  How to get the visa? Will you help me and / or obtain for me.?

Ans.: Yes, we shall process your visa, and get you the required chinese visa.

Qu. 19 what will be the mode of payment  and in what currency.?

Ans.: All the payments will be calculated in us dollars. However, you may pay in inr if you pay in india. Abroad your food and other miscellaneous expenses have to paid by you in rmb, chinese yuan.

Qu. 20 How much time is required to reach the college from india.?

Ans.: If properly planned, one can reach in half day.

Qu. 1 How parents will  call students?

Ans: Every students is advised to have a mobile phone. Mobile phone system is highly developed in russia, incoming is total free and parents can easily contact with them. Except this, in every hostel there is common telephone where also parents can make call.

Qu. 2 Can parents visit academy?

Ans: Yes, parents are most welcome to visit student and the academy. We have guest room in hostel where they can stay. Our suggestion to parents are to come in summer because here summer is very beautiful and charming. Also student can give time their parents at that time more.

Qu. 3 If i need money in russia, how my parents can send students money?

Ans: The best way to transfer the money is to use international atm/debit cards. For this purpose student should open a bank a/c in his /her country that is offering international atm/debit card. Then whenever he needs money, his parents will just deposit the required amount in this account and the student will draw the amount from any atm machine of any russian bank.

Qu. 4 If student get ill in russia, who will take care of student?

Ans: Firstly in every hostel having a medical center for 24 hrs. If doctor decides that the student should be referred to any hospital of the city then calls an ambulance and takes full care of the case. Besides this, foreign student associations also take care and help them. Every student must do a compulsory medical insurance which covers almost at bills of treatment.

Qu. 5 Can student do any part time job?

Ans: As per law of russian federation for foreigners in study period student can’t do part time job. But in vacation time if student have work permit from immigration department, they can do part time job.

Qu. 6 Students can pay tuition and other fees in his country?

Ans.: No, student must pay tuition fee only in russia.

Qu. 7 What i have to do at airports during my first departure from india and arrival at moscow?

Ans.: departure from indira gandhi international airport new delhi 

On entering the airport the first thing to do get your suitcase security checked on x-ray machine.

Wait for the announcement for checkin for your flight.

Find the checkin counter of your airline and go to the airline checkin counter. Get in the queue in front of the counter for your class of the ticket. When your suitcase on the belt and give your air ticket. If you are a pure vegetarian then tell about this here on counter but ohly if you have an air ticket with ‘vegetarian” stamp on it. Get your boarding  card  and air ticket. On boarding care there are following information your name, flight number, gate number and  seat number.

Fill in the immigration form, which is available on the boarding counter.

Proceed for the immigration couter and get in the queue for  the indians. When your turn comes, hand over your passport, visa boarding  card and filled up immigration form, immigration officer will stamp the passport  and will return these things.

The next counter is for customs. Get yourself custom cleared check your suitcase that it has passed the custom or not. Get your boarding card stamped by the custom officer.

Go in the waiting hall and find the boarding gate number that is written on your boarding card. Wait till there is an announcement about your flight passengers to get your hand luggage and yourself checked by the security officers.

Wait in the waiting hall till there is an announcement about your flight passengers to board the plane. Then proceed to the gate number for your flight, go to the plane through the tunnel, get in the plane and go to your seat, number of which is on your boarding card. Air hostess will help you in finding your seat.

Arrival at the moscow airport:

On arrival at the moscow airport, proceed to the immigration check with all passengers and get in the queue for foreigners, fill up the migration card available a the counters. When your turn comes, give your passport and visa, if immigration officer asks, then give him the copy of the invitation letter from the institute. He will stamp the passport and visa and will return you these things.

Go the luggage belts and find the belt with  your flight number on it and wait for your suit case and  collect it.

Fill up the custom clearance form available on counters and clearly write the amount of usa dollars which, you have with you.

Proceed for the custom counter and put your luggage fo rcustom check with your passportand the filled custom form.

Get out where  our  representative is waiting for you.

Qu. 8 What aobut my food? Will i have to eat only russian food?

Ans.: The vegetable available there are very similar to what we get here. All the popular vegetables like potato, brinjal, cauliflower, cabbage, beans, carrots and cucumber etc are available. Similarly egg, fish, chicken, mutton are also abundant. Loaf bread, cookies, pastries, ice cream, canned juices are available in plently in all the college canteens and dining halls.

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