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Daghestan State Medical Academy

Makhachkala - The City

Makhachkala is the capital of the Republic Daghestan. It is a well-built modern town. It is also a cultural center where 6 theaters and 4 museums enhance cultural activities of city. The students of the Republic and foreign students my get their education at 6 higher educational institutions and 12 colleges. Students from all around the world come to this city for higher education in the field of Medicine, Engineering, Science, Law & Various other Streams. The Medical Academy of Daghestan branch of the Russian Federation is working successfully since last over 70 years. Out of 6.00 Lakh population of Makhachkala city more population is involved in educational activities as this city is known for education in various fields. Education in almost all fields of studies is available in Makhachkala city. Daghestan State University is well known worldwide and highly reputed. The academy has a central scientific research laboratory, a branch of Moscow scientific Research, Institute of Surgery, a Computer Center which are working with the international company INTERNET, and council for defending MD theses. The academy also has modern hostels, a library and a fine sport center, Internet facilities & International standards network of highly specialised & Equipped Hospitals namely Central Hospital, Hospital for pensioners, Maternity Hospital No. 2, Hospital for V.D. & Skin, The Diagnostic Center Equipped with MRI, C.T. Scan, Colour Doppler, Ultrasound, Nerve Conduction Testing, General & Specialized Surgery Hospital with facilities of General / Laproscopic Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Cardio-thorosis.

Daghestan State Medical Academy

Daghestan State Medical Academy was founded in 1932 has covered a long and glorious path contributing in the development of culture medical sciences, higher medical education and health protection. During the year of its existence the academy has trained more than 25 thousand specialists, 100 doctors of sciences and 350 candidates of science. Many of its graduates have become well-known scientists, organizers of health protection and work in many regions of our country, and foreign countries.

Till 1965 there was only a therapeutic faculty at the academy, year by year the medical and scientific bases of the academy became widened. At present academy has therapeutic, stomatological, pediatrics, faculty for foreign citizens, preparatory faculty for foreign students, faculty of postgraduate education and preparatory department for Russian Student. In 1997 academy received license for opening new faculties. Within academy there are central scientific research laboratory, 29 academicians of different academies, 74 doctors of medicine and 322 candidates of sciences work at 65 chairs of Academy, 3500 Student including 600 Foreigners. 120 clinical interns and 65 postgraduates study here.

Faculty of Internal Medicine 1932

It is the oldest faculty of the academy & was founded in 1932 year. The faculty already has prepared 25,000 doctors for the Republic, other regions of Russian Federation and many other foreign countries.

After 6 years of study a graduate of the academy gets the Degree of a general practitioner. In the first and second courses the students gain knowledge in such fundamental subject of medicine as are Anatomy, Physicology, Histology, Microbiology.

Students from their third course starts study in special departments like faculty of practical health medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology etc.

After completing this course and obtaining Degree of M.D. Students can pursue for their further students in special subjects and super specialities.

About Clinics of DSMA

The clinical center of the Daghestan State Medical Academy includes the Departments of Cardiovascular Surgery, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, two surgical departments, in which abdominal surgery and Endocrine Glands surgery are conducted with the help of endovideosurgery equipment, as well as two internal medicine departments and two Neurological Departments. Internal Medicine and Surgical Clinics possess high comfort words with modern design. There are 4 European - level reconstructed operation rooms. A diagnostic level is defined by the broad list of lab services and instrumental methods carried out on the up-to-date medical equipments.

DSMA's clinics changed after the reconstruction, expand the range of medical services to the population of the city and the other regions of the country. The experts in the Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Department are conducting surgeries on endoprothetic of mammary glands, face and neck rejuvenation. It is difficult to overestimate the significance of surgicaltreatment methods of liver diseases, digestive tract, and also thyroid gland, adrenal and pancreatic gland, conducted at the Department of Surgical profile.

The Preparatory Faculty for Foreign Students 1987

This faculty of the academy was founded in 1987. The faculty already has trained 1600 Doctors from many countries like Syria, Dordan, Egypt, Palestine, India, Morocco, Pero (Latin-America) Pakistan, Srilanka, China Combodia etc. After 6 or 5 years of study a graduate of the academy get the Degree of a General Practitioner or Stomatologist.

The classes of faculty are conducted according to tgenerally accepted curriculum of Health Ministry or Russia, WHO and the Medical Councils of Various Countries. This curriculum includes the study of epidemiological and geographical infections of the corresponding region, the course of lectures and practical classes ae conducted by highly qualified & experienced teachers, academicians, professors, candidates of sciences. Going on the learning of the Russian languag every student if he wants, after having gone through the special course, can get a certificate of an interpreter of the Russian language, that is practically the second educational benefit.

According to the estimation of the health protection institutions of Syria, Jordan, India, Nepal, Srilanka and others, all the graduates pass their examinations in their countries successfully, confirming a high level of reliability of the training of doctors in Daghestan State Medical Academy and it's Degrees.


1. Internal Medicine

2. Stomatological

3. Pediatrics

4. Pharmaceutical

5. Preparatory faculty for foreign Students

6. Faculty for Foreign Students

7. Faculty for Post Gradutae Education

Faculty of Postgraduate Education 1983

Founded in 1983, Every year 35 professors and 55 assistants are working with 1600 doctors in countinual courses training of post graduate studies in following specialities anatomy, biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacy, Pathology, Dietology, Physiology, Cardiology, Radiology, Neurology, Surgery, Plastic & Microsurgery, ENT, General-Family Medicine, Skin & Venerology, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Traumotology, Opthalmology, Anesthesiology, Paediatrics, Stomatology, Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, Nephrology, Urology & Critical Care. There are many types of education in F.P.O. 1-year intern 2-5 years clinical ordinary. Courses continue training - 100 hours course C.T. 3-4 months in on theme - 500 hour general course.