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Silicon Valley University

Campus Description

Located in San Jose, California, Silicon Valley University is situated within the hub of high-tech industry, the Silicon Valley. The university campus occupies approximately 4200 square feet of instructional space, and contains classrooms, a technology lab, an electronic resource center and student recreational and office facilities. The university offers state of the art computer equipment in its labs and classrooms, including ORACLE Database servers, a DNS server, a DHCP server, a email server and web servers, Sun Microsystems Ultra 5 Workstations, several Cisco Systems Catalyst 5000 LAN switches, a Nortel/Bay Networks Starfish T12 Ethernet hub, a Clarinet 208 EthIR Ethernet switch, and a large number of PCs.


Silicon Valley University is based in California which is one of the finer cities in the world to live in. We boast of a sprawling campus, experienced faculty and an experienced management support to student needs.

Presently, the courses we offer are

  1. Masters of Business Administration

  2. Bachelor of Business Administration

  3. Master of Science in Computer Science

  4. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

  5. Master of Science in Computer Engg

  6. Bachelor of Science in Computer Engg

*We also have adequate arrangement for English Language Course who wishes to go without TOEFL and IELTS.

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