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In the year 2000 Odessa State Medical University made a new achievement to its name by completing 100 years of existence. The government university with self-governing rights has several world-class scientists and the founding members of several scientific medical schools who have been working closely in the field of science to add glory to Odessa State Medical University. Prof. Pidvysotsky V.V., Prof. Batuev M.O Prof. Lisionkov M.K., Prof. Voronin V.V. ,, Prof. Boggomolets O.O., Prof. Strajesko M.D., Reznik B.Y., Prof. Zabolotny D.K., are a list of the esteemed people.

Prof. Rolth Zinker Nagel, Noble prize winner and Director of Institute of Experimental Immunology (Switzerland), Nobel Prize winner, Prof. Evgene Ivanovich Chazov, Director of American International Union of health protection (U.S.A.).

President of Polish medical Academy (Poland) Prof. Kasimir Imielinsky, President of George Washington University (U.S.A.) Prof. Stephen Doel Trachtenberg, President of International Hippocrates Fund (Greece) Dr.Spiros Marketos & Prof. Juliano Di Bernardo (Italy), James Smith are the esteemed visiting faculty of Odessa State Medical University. The university is recognised by the WHO (World Health Organization) , European University Association, International Association of Universities, Medical Councils of almost all major nations, wich include UK, countries in Europe, USA,UK, Europe, India & several others. Odessa State Medical University is obliged to be a Bologne Process (Single European area of higher education)’s member too.

Odessa State Medical University is Ukraine’s only university to be a member of, MEDINE( Medical Education In Europe)., The Thematic Network which the university has with on MEDINE discusses several issues within European initiatives framework like the quality of european medical education, the infrastructure and institutional issues to name a few. The european community has been the biggest support system for the university on the whole.

The university became the first in Ukraine to start medical studies in english in 1996. In 2005, Odessa State Medical University was awarded by the ministry of education and science of Ukraine in coordination with National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for modern levels of developments to teach the english speaking students. Odessa State Medical University is the only english medium medical school to offer Post-graduation.

Odessa Medical University  is not only the leading members of authorities like European and International Association of Universities, the biggest higher medical universities but also a leader reformer in the field of medical education in Ukraine. Odessa State Medical University is conferred an accreditation of class IV( the highest) education institution by Ukraine’s State Accreditation Committee (Record No. 12 of June 30, 1994). Odessa Medical University trains students for the levels of : Jr. Specialists, Specialist, Masters (Foreign students included) for the following courses:

The University premises has 56 departments, preparatory faculty, postgraduate faculty section and of course a medical college. Every year around 4000 students are enrolled in the university with 1200 of the being foreigners belonging to 52 countries. The students are trained in english, Russian & French. Odessa Medical University Ukraine takes pride in being the only university to have produced 7 complete english medium batches in Ukraine.

International students


The university has produced over 6000 foreign students belonging to Asia, America, Europe and Africa who are successful doctors working across the world’s 87 countries. Among the about 109 of them are super specialized and 240 of them are special doctors. 18 academicians, 800 teachers, 105 professors and several doctors from the field of Medical Science carried out a study over 407 docents and the medical science candidates. During the whole period of the course students are made to master all the new medical technologies available in today’s world.

The university has an impeccable infrastructure with 18 blocks spread over 20,000, fully furnished 6 hostels, printing-publishing complex, a multi-facet library with a total of about 1 million books stocked for the students to read, a computer centre specifically for medical works, 3 museums( Anatomic Museum, Historical Museum and The Museum of Pathological Anatomy), Students Polyclinic to provide medical aid to all the students for free , sports arena with facilities for both outdoor and indoor sports, scientific societies, Students’ cultural club recreation centers adjutant the Black Sea for about 500 students to rest at a time.

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Scientific Research


Scientific Research Establishments of Odessa State Medical University:

Scientific – Research Institute of Eyes Diseases and Tissue Therapy, Central Scientific – Research Laboratory, Health Family Center at Vivarium, Institute of Clinical Biophysics, ,Institute of Health Resort Ology and Medical Rehabilitation, Virusology, Stomatology are the other major specialized and training establishments and clinical bases.

Clinical Base

The clinical base of Odessa Medical University Ukraine has 9648 patient beds. These centres, include modern equipped 35 hospitals, which has all the facilities and conditions a better training and practice for the faculty and the students too.

Accommodation & Living

  1. There is a 24 electricity, gas, phone and hot & cold water availability.

  2. Centrally heated rooms.

  3. The hostel provides bedding and furniture.

  4. Gym and reading rooms are made available in hostels.

  5. Full security in every hostel.

  6. Cafeteria for students.

  7. Green belt with several outdoor sport activities like volleyball, basketball, football, etc. are a part of the hostel campus

Note:  Dear student all fee like tuition fee , hostel ,medical Insurance , Registration etc. directly pay to the university cash counter only .




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